Welcome to the STEMulator world, an interactive exploration platform designed to ignite a spark of curiosity in young minds! In the STEMulator you can explore the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a virtual landscape.


Born from the vision of the National Science and Technology Forum of South Africa (NSTF) it encourages children of all ages to pursue STEM-related subjects and careers. The STEMulator is designed to operate on several platforms and devices to reach even the most remote areas – and the most sophisticated.

The world consists of many exciting objects, the inner workings of which are not immediately visible – including the human being!! Everyone has a burning desire to look inside. This type of learning can revolutionise the education system, providing young minds with the technology and information they need to spark future brilliance in the STEM disciplines.

About STEMulator

The STEMulator is an interactive digital landscape that stimulates learner curiosity in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) world by providing a highly interactive knowledge portal and exploration environment, crammed with animated and visual educational content, which entices audience behaviour through curiosity and fun.

The STEMulator landscape includes the built world (buildings, structures, and machines), living organisms (humans, animals, and plants) and complex systems (like the natural cycle of water).

Each layer of the STEMulator dives a little deeper into the object or intricate system being explored, deconstructing it visually, providing learners a view of the hidden parts they could never have imagined before.

How the STEMulator works

The explorer enters the world through the master landscape, displaying a variety of clickable areas, representing fields of interest. Click on one of the areas to see it unpack and reveal an overview of elements.

For example, click the STEMulator car and watch it explode into its various parts. Click on the engine to discover its inner workings in action.

Or click on the farm, to the tree, to the orange; or the hospital, to the human being, to the digestive system. Wander off in any direction your imagination leads you. Every page is rich with visual, animated and labelled diagrams, videos, and informative text, including study paths and career options.

Start your journey of discovery!

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Here’s what WE are doing:


We are introducing this platform to potential contributors and users all over South Africa and indeed the world.

The playful exploration element of the platform will make it engaging and fun, ensuring that learners will spread the news to parents, teachers, and friends.

The STEMulator team is searching for contributors in the STEM environment; through word-of-mouth, friends-of-friends and promotional campaigns. We want to expand our network to attract the best content to grow the STEMulator landscape.


Our initial tests revealed an incredible demand for interactive learning products.

The STEMulator was created, with curriculum-related content, to operate across several platforms and devices for mass distribution to schools in all areas.

What YOU can do?

By contributing to the STEMulator, you will be energising the complete STEM world, from stimulating that initial curiosity, to encouraging maths and science education/learning, by creating awareness of fields of study leading to careers options.


If you, your company or institution are knowledgeable in any of the STEM subjects and have useful visual material to offer, we will embed it into the architecture to match the STEMulator format.

Contacts – introduce us to, or just share with

We need to engage with like-minded individuals and organisations (professional, educational, manufacturers). Please put us in contact with or forward to as many of your colleagues and associates.


Big dreams need big support and we’ve created multiple ways for contributors to help us grow the STEMulator world. Our team can help you find the best option ranging from once-off donations to branded credits.

We are registered as a non-profit company and are applying for accreditation to satisfy tax-incentivised contributions for both individuals and companies.

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We welcome new ideas, feedback, suggestions and content contributions.
NSTF/proSET have built the STEMulator platform and will ensure its availability to
youngsters and learners nationwide. The content is up to YOU.

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